Frequently asked questions

We collected questions here that we often hear from our visitors. You can familiarize yourself with them. Perhaps this information will be enough for you.

Is it possible to study with zero level?

Of course, it is possible and even necessary! We will get you a teacher who specializes in novice classes to train you as effectively as possible.

What age is appropriate for training?

From 5 years old. Chess is good for everyone. Based on your age and current level, we will select the best teacher for you to make your training as high as possible and interesting.

How much time do you need to spend on classes?

It all depends on your desire. One lesson takes about 60 minutes. You can choose the number of classes and their schedule.

The recommended number of classes is at least 2 per week.

What guarantees do you give your disciples?

If something happens or does not suit you, and you have already paid, we will return you the amount for the number of classes not held, according to the formula (the amount of payment is the number of classes held * the cost of 1 lesson).

Can I pick my coach?

Of course, if you have a desire, you can choose a coach yourself. You can also change the coach in the training process, we are always ready to discuss this with you.

Why would my child want it?

First of all, chess is an excellent simulator for the brain, significantly increasing its intellectual abilities. During the game, two hemispheres of the brain work simultaneously and synchronously, due to which the active development of both logical and abstract thinking is noted.

The child develops perseverance, since he concentrates on one process.

What is the minimum age to be a student?

The minimum age of our students is 5 years. You can practice at any age if you have a desire to learn something new. Starting to get carried away with chess games at an early age, the child receives a powerful impetus for development – both intellectually and personally.

What to pay attention to at a chess school?

The main thing is the coach. Meet him, try to learn more about him from the administration of the school to which you are going to give your child, from the parents of students who are already engaged in this coach.

How soon can I join?

To begin with, it was necessary to find out whether it was possible to learn to play chess independently: using the Internet, mobile applications or a self-teacher. A thorough survey of those who already know how to play showed: you can try to learn how to play yourself, but it is better to do this with a friend or teacher.

Then you will need to coordinate the time of classes with the coach and install the program.