Amazingly Convenient! How do I like Nat Geo Hybrid Backpack?


National Geographic Hybrid 3 way Backpack is a unique travel or laptop backpack that can be used as a carry-on bag or a messenger bag. It is made of the premium Gucci polyester fabric. And, it has an RFID protector pocket which can keep your wallet safely against digital theft. This is one of the most popular National Geographic backpacks. It has been introduced since August 2017, and it has been evergreen since due to its functionality and popularity.

I have been curious about why is this backpack attracted such interests.  And, I finally got hold of a black National Geographic Hybrid backpack. and I tried it out myself. I used it for my daily city work life to carry my Lenovo 17” laptop and its accessories, pens, cables, documents, umbrella, jacket, water bottle, and wallet.

I found this iconic and secure backpack amazingly convenient and comfortable. It is iconic with National Geographic woven labels. Secure with RFID pocket and lockable zipper. Easy to load, organize, connect, and carry. Comfortable to carry even with my heavy 2.6kg laptop kept inside.

This backpack is near perfect for me. But, to make it absolutely flawless, I would have wanted some improvements to the backpack as well. It would be ideal if it has a hip belt, organizer pocket, key ring, and water bottle pocket.

If you are looking for a good travel or laptop backpack, you will not be disappointed with this backpack.

Overview of National Geographic Hybrid 3 Way Backpack

National Geographic Hybrid 3 way Backpack is a 30 liters backpack that can also be used as a carry-on bag and messenger bag.

It has these features:

Nat Geo Hybrid Features
  • One zip compartment
  • RFID pocket 
  • Tablet and Laptop pockets
  • Shockproof panel for laptop protection
  • Elastic pens & cables holder
  • Multi-use zip & open pockets 
  • Internal mesh zip pocket 
  • Zipped pocket at the back panel to hide the adjustable strap 
  • Horizontal carrying function 
  • Adjustable buckles on either side for compress function 
  • Carry handle 
  • National Geographic Logo woven labels in front, on the strap, and inside the bag.
  • National Geographic logo printed on zipper pullers
  • Carabiner hook provided with daisy chains in front
  • Available in 3 colours: BlackRed, and Khaki

What do I like about National Geographic Hybrid 3 Way Backpack?

There are many things that I like about this National Geographic Hybrid 3 way Backpack:

1. Amazingly Convenient

This backpack is amazingly convenient to be used. So what makes this backpack so convenient? 

Easy loading and accessing. I can easily load my laptop and all my other stuff into the backpack as it is a panel loading backpack. I can unzip the main compartment to open it up totally and flat out to easily organize my stuff. 

Unlike other top loading backpacks, I can easily access my belongings stuck at the bottom of my backpack also. I do not have to dig deep and pull out my stuff on top one by one in order to access my stuff stuck at the bottom of the backpack. I just need to open up the backpack flat out and take my stuff that is kept at the bottom of the backpack.

I can still use this backpack as a top loading backpack. I do not need to open up the main compartment flat out when I have limited space, eg. when I am in my car. I can then still easily access my laptop, power adapter, wallet, pens or cable or other stuff from the top opening.


Easy to organize. With the mesh zipped compartment inside the main compartment, I can organize my clothes inside. When I use the backpack for my daily work life, I use it to keep my jacket. When I need to travel for a 3-days short trip, I can use this backpack as my carry-on luggage. I can easily put in 3 shirts, 2 trousers, some undergarments, socks, and one jacket by rolling them up and compress them nicely inside the mesh compartment.

There are also elastic holders for pens and cables inside the main compartment. I can conveniently organize and keep my loose cables and pens inside. I can also access them easily when I need to.

There is also a tablet pocket to keep a tablet computer. But I use it to keep my mouse and power adapters so I can easily keep and access them from the top opening.

The laptop compartment of the backpack can fit in my 17″ laptop perfectly. And, I can easily keep and access my laptop from the top opening.

There is also an RFID protected pocket where I use it to keep my wallet. It is such a big pocket that I can even use it to keep my travel organizer or travel wallet during my travel.

The bright and orange color lining of the main compartment also makes the organization of stuff much easier. I can see where to keep and organize my stuff inside the backpack even when I stay in a room with low or no lighting.

Last but not least, this backpack has a spacious multi-purpose front zip pocket. I used it to keep the shoulder strap and other non-essential stuff.


Easily hook to external stuff. At the front of the backpack, there are daisy chains and one carabiner. I use the carabiner to hook to my water bottle and carry it safely on my back. I also use the carabiner to connect to my Gear Plus Horizontal Digi-Single pouch during my travel. If you are a hiker, you can use the daisy chains to connect to your hiking pole during your hiking trip.

Easy to be carried in 3 ways: This backpack comes with a zipped pocket at the back panel to hide the adjustable backpack strap. I can easily transform this bag to a messenger or hand carry bag. By unbuckling the backpack straps and hide them inside the zipped pocket, I then take out my shoulder strap and connect it to the buckle ring on each side of the bag. There are 4 buckle rings, 2 on each side. Therefore, I can even carry it left handed or right handed, horizontally or vertically. Very convenient.


2. Comfortable

 I use this backpack to bring my 2.6kg Lenovo Ideapad 100 17” laptop daily. The shockproof laptop compartment neatly fits in and protects my laptop against impacts. 

Hybrid-Back-PanelAt the base of the shockproof laptop compartment, there is a sealed layer of foam or sponge to support the weight of the laptop. The base of the backpack then sits nicely on my hip when I carry it as a backpack. This design hugely reduced the pressure on my back.

I can also compress the backpack with the adjustable buckles on either side of the backpack. 

This backpack is weighted 1 kg when empty. But with the design of the laptop compartment and the compression, I do not feel like carrying a laptop on my back. I feel lightweight and mobile when I carry this backpack with heavy loads. It is so comfortable.

With the ventilated back panel of the backpack, I can also comfortably use this bag under the hot sun or when I am sweating. It is soft and easy to the skin.

3. Secure

Hybrid-RFID-pocketThis backpack has a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) protected zipped pocket to secure my wallet against digital theft. The lining of the RFID pocket is made of the RFID blocking fabric. It can effectively block against the stealing of the confidential information from the chip of the PayWave credit or debit cards. 

The skimmers can use a tablet or laptop to obtain card information remotely via RFID devices if cards are not protected. By putting my wallet or travel wallets inside the RFID zipped pocket of the backpack, I can then have a peace of mind while traveling. 

Hybrid-kissing-slidersThe zippers pullers for the main compartment of the backpack are of kissing sliders. This makes the main compartment lockable.

I can then use a code lock to lock and secure the main compartment of the backpack during my travel. 

This will prevent my losses against potential pickpocketing theft. Again, I can then relax in knowing that the stuff on my back won’t be stolen easily.

4. Iconic

Like all the other National Geographic bags, this backpack is also iconic with the famous square logo and label of National Geographic all over the bag.

In the front, there is the National Geographic logo and woven label. There is also a woven label on the backpack strap. Inside the main compartment, there is another large woven label with the National Geographic logo and the name of the backpack.

Last but not least, the National Geographic logo and label is printed on every metal zipper puller of the backpack. I love this iconic backpack as I am always a fan of National Geographic society which sets to inspire people to care about the planet.

What could be improved?

Even though I like the backpack very much, but there are still some flaws which could be improved to make it a perfect backpack for me.

No hip belt. Although the backpack is comfortable enough to carry even with heavy loads, I still think that the hip belt would help to support loads of the backpack even better. Running with the backpack on my back with no hip belt is still a big challenge.

No organizer pocket with key ring. Although the backpack already has very good organization features, I still think that an additional organizer pocket with a key ring inside the front zipped pocket would make it much more functional. If there is such a pocket, I would then be able to keep and access my pen drives much easier.  I also love to have a key ring so I can easily access my keys from the front.

No water bottle pocket. Even though I can hook my water bottle to the carabiner in front of the backpack, I would still like the backpack to have a side mesh pocket where I can keep my water bottle. This would be a good feature to have as I sometimes want to free up the carabiner for my other stuff.

My Verdict

I rate this backpack 4.5 stars out of 5.⭐⭐⭐⭐

National Geographic Hybrid 3 way backpack is amazingly convenient, reasonably comfortable, secure against digital theft and pickpocket, and iconic with logo and woven labels. But it can still be improved with added hip belt and pockets.

If you are looking for a good travel or laptop backpack which can also be converted to a carry-on cabin luggage, National Geographic Hybrid 3 way backpack would be your best choice.

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